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Case Study: Leading nation-wide law firm
When a leading nation-wide law firm realized they had inefficiencies in both their internal and external collections, a shift in the way they did business became essential. Bridgeport Financial, Inc. provided both a customized training forum for their internal collection department and an outsource service for their external collection needs. As a result of the Bridgeport Financial, Inc. solution, the leading law firm experienced an increase in moral, efficiency and consistency of their internal department, an added revenue stream for their outstanding account receivables and general good-will in their customer community.
Case Study: Prominent medical billing company
An established medical billing company realized they were losing revenue as a result of delinquent account receivables. After unsuccessfully enlisting the services of many traditional collection agencies, Bridgeport Financial, Inc. was called into action. Despite the fact that Bridgeport Financial, Inc. claimed they were unlike the other agencies, the medical billing company was hesitant, and held low expectations. Bridgeport Financial, Inc. provided education of collection technique and law to the medical billing company, as well as outsourced collection services. Almost immediately, the medical billing company experienced a significant increase in their lost revenue and a dramatic shift in the way in which their customers perceived debt.