The human relationship is the true currency
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Higher Netback – While other companies offer a lower commission rate, Bridgeport Financial, inc. is concerned with service and return, as indicated by our many thank you letters from clients and debtors and our exceptionally high return rate. The bottom line is that clients of Bridgeport Financial, Inc. will experience much higher net dollars back despite a higher commission rate.

Exceeding the Industry Average Return Rate - Our job as a collection agency is to increase the revenue of our clients. This is what we do and we do it better than most. Our return rate is three times the industry average.

Better Customer Retention – By using the Plus© System, a revolutionary collection model that utilizes motivational and human relation techniques to inspire debtors to fulfill their financial responsibilities, Bridgeport Financial, Inc. strengthens the relationship between its clients and their customers which ultimately leads to an increase in customer retention.

A Pioneer in Education – As a pioneer in education of internal collection departments, our clients learn how to increase productivity while strengthening their customer relationships.