The human relationship is the true currency
Christina Harbridge 2001
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Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the negative perceptions associated to money and debt through education and creation of an environment that fosters honesty and open communication ultimately leading to financial responsibility.

Core Values

  • Integrity: We demonstrate integrity in everything we do. Our company believes that honesty is the foundation of the company. We always adhere to high ethical standards and maintain the highest degree of professionalism in serving our customers.
  • Innovation: We are focused on innovation. We embrace change and aggressively seek new ways to improve our business through new ideas fostered by our employees, clients, and leadership.
  • Teamwork: We foster a team atmosphere through open communication. We respect, support, and trust each other as we work together toward our common goal. We have built a friendly, challenging, and most of all, fun environment that creates team unity.
  • Client Service: We are committed to superior client service. Our goal is to never lose a client due to customer service satisfaction. We train and develop our employees to strive toward anticipating our client needs while exceeding their expectations.
  • Congruency: Congruence is key to our success. Incongruence is the enemy. As a company we encourage our employees to maintain congruency within their work and home life.