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Complete Collection Outsourcing

With years of experience in the collection industry, revenue recovery is the core business of Bridgeport Financial, Inc. We are experts in our field and have the processes and resources in place to collect debt fast and efficiently. Our complete collection outsourcing is comprised of the following:

  • Plus© System – A revolutionary collection model that utilizes motivational and human relation techniques to inspire debtors to fulfill their financial responsibilities.
  • Credit Reporting – Bridgeport Financial, Inc. places past due balances assigned to our office for collection on a debtor’s national credit history for seven years.
  • Superior Infrastructure – By using the best technology in the industry, Bridgeport Financial, Inc. is able to streamline the collection process, thus allowing clients to recognize the most efficient performance.
  • In-House Legal Department – In the event that legal action must be pursued, our in-house legal staff specializes in collection lawsuits.
  • Client Update – Recurring clients of Bridgeport Financial, Inc. will receive updates regarding their past due accounts receivables.

Education Services

Bridgeport Financial, Inc. offers two educational services to our clients:

  • Customized Training – A training forum customized to our clients' needs that focuses on various topics such as collection law, staff motivation, and the Plus© System.
  • Management Consulting – Consulting designed to increase the productivity of our clients' internal collection processes.