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Not only will we provide a calendar of our upcoming classes each month yet also community events that offer additional networking and learning opportunities in San Francisco, San Mateo, Napa, Sonoma and Marin counties. In this issue, our featured business partner is Learn iT!, the computer training company. You will be able to receive additional discounted courses and services simply as a result of receiving this newsletter. Be sure to link to the imbedded website address for a list of all their offerings available to you.

Each month we will be featuring one of our instructors. Its not easy to become a certified Dale Carnegie Trainer. You may be surprised by the individual accomplishments of each of our hand picked trainers. This month we begin with Christina Harbridge, DCT of SF's own "Rock Star of Training".

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Many of our Dale Carnegie graduates tell us that they've been able to dramatically enhance their professional skill training they received in our classrooms, with
Learn iT!'s hands-on computer training. The current business environment demands that efficiency in the workplace be at the top of the priority list. Soft skill training (professional skills by Dale Carnegie) in conjunction with the proper hard skill training (computer software and hardware), places any serious minded business person at the head of the pact.

To help our graduates augment their Dale Carnegie classes, we have formed a relationship with Learn iT!, whom we recognize as the Superior Computer Training Provider in the Bay Area. As a result of this partnership, all Dale Carnegie graduates are offered computer training at a discounted rate. Likewise, Learn iT! graduates are offered Dale Carnegie training at a reduced rate. For more details and a complete listing of Learn iT! classes, click here

San Francisco DC graduates, contact Learn iT at 415.693.0250

Peninsula DC graduates, contact Learn iT at 650.345.5004

·  Send an agenda before the meeting, asking participants to come prepared to discuss the listed issues at hand. (Direct them to bring in possible solutions for the issues you will be addressing.)

·  Open with a brief overview of the problem and be sure that everyone understands its implications.

·  Ask for the possible solutions to the problem, followed by evidence to support each solution. (Be careful not to entertain a lengthy discussion as to the causes of the problem.)

·  Select the best two solutions after initial discussion and appoint two individuals or teams to transform the solutions into separate action plans with express interest of resources required and impact to the department and overall organization.

·  Decide when to re-convene to make a decision.

To maximize efficiency, keep meeting between 45 minutes to 90 minutes and always start on time. Have a closed door policy that anyone late after 5 minutes will not be allowed in the meeting. Remember to make frequent summaries, encourage open communication by minimizing formalities, keep the meeting on track and moving.

Don't let all the recession talk drain the energy out of your operation. Negative attitudes can spread like the plague and become a huge drag on performance. That's the bad news. The good news is that enthusiasm and positive attitudes spread just as quickly and affect performance just as much - yet in the right direction.

Begin each interaction with a co-worker or a team meeting by re-capping "What went well since the last time we met?" Make sure you are able to come up with at least two items yourself before they easily dissuade you that the answer is "NOTHING!" Help others focus on the positive actions that have occurred and focus on what can be done to solve a problem.

Stop gossip from undermining the organization. When a fellow worker comes to you and begins the discussion with "Please don't tell anyone I said . . . .", let them know, before they go any further that you won't be able to abide with their wish. If it is information that could affect the organization, it will be your responsibility to communicate that information to someone who can do something if it is not you. This technique will stop idle complaining and encourage others to find constructive ways in which to vent that will work towards a solution.

Keep in mind that "Attitude is Your Paintbrush - It Colors Your World." Maintaining a positive attitude is important in every area with replacing negativity with enthusiasm, but no where is it more critical than in our attitude towards ourselves. As Eleanor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission".


Successful Public Speaking
(Friday, August 30)
This intensive one-day seminar will help you turn from a nervous novice into a confident presenter because it gives you the time-tested principle of dale Carnegie - the master of public speaking.
More information...

Effective Weight-Loss Through an Expanded Comfort Zone
(Saturday, May 11)
How to use fundamental Dale Carnegie principles to actually lose weight. This one-day interactive seminar will be conducted by Shannon Silva, previously a Weight Watcher instructor who has coached over 300+ people a week in how to lose weight easily and so that it won't be "re-found". Shannon is currently with Dale Carnegie and an instructor in training.
More information...


Making Sales
(Tuesday/Wednesday, May 14 & 15)
A knock-your-socks-off 2-day sales intensive that will help increase closing ratios and accelerate performance outcomes.
More information...

Delivering The Leader In You
(Thursday/Friday, June 6 & 7)
This program is designed for supervisors and managers who want to increase productivity, lift morale, and improve quality.
More information...

Train The Trainer
(Monday/Tuesday, June 20 & 21)
More information...

Replacing Negativity at the Workplace
(Tuesday/Wednesday, May 21 & 22)
More information...

High Impact Presentations
(Thursday/Friday, June 13 & 14)
More information...

Public Speaking Mastery
(Thursday/Friday, June 26 & 27)
More information...


Our Signature Dale Carnegie Course®
(Thursday, May 30)
More information...

Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers
(Tuesday, May 14)
More information...

Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage
(Wednesday, October 9)
More information...

To reserve a seat, call Nicola Richardson at 415-642-3253 or e-mail her at Nicola_Richardson@DaleCarnegie.com

You know you've "arrived", when after completing a talk in one of her Dale Carnegie Courses, she kicks up her platform shoes and announces to the entire class that you indeed are a "Rock Star." Albeit unconventional from the typical Dale Carnegie classroom, Christina will stop at nothing to ensure that each class member will have their own professional (and often an added personal) break through before the 12 week sessions are completed.

Ellen Falcinelli, a coach for Christina's most current Dale Carnegie Course, perhaps said it best when she commented after one difficult interaction with a class member that positively impacted the entire class as well as that individual, "Christina has the unique ability to see each class member's potential and will not stop coaching them until they see it themselves. She (Christina) believes more in them then they do in themselves. That's why she's such a master."

When not teaching Dale Carnegie Courses, Christina runs her own company, Bridgeport Financial http://www.bridgeportfinancial.com. She is the founder and president of this San Francisco based collections agency that was recognized in the Fastest 150 Companies of the Bay Area. Christina set out to change the nature and feel of personal debt collections service when she started her business 11 years ago. By treating debtors with integrity, Bridgeport has more word-of-mouth referrals than it can handle, and a successful collections rate of 32 percent - nearly double the industry average of 17.9 percent.

As in the classroom, Christina's philosophy is the same with her business, "we want our clients to laugh, and we want this to be a joy, it doesn't have to be hard." For a collections agency you may ask? Her reply is straight forward. "Everyone owes money, some of us are just more current then others." Christina also lobbys for her industry and has appeared before congress on a number of occasions.

Christina has been instructing with Dale Carnegie for over 7 years and recently become the area's Master Trainer, by training instructor candidates for Dale Carnegie pre-conference and certification endorsement events. Christina is licensed by Dale Carnegie and Associates to teach the Dale Carnegie Course, High Impact Presentations, Public Speaking Mastery, Successful Public Speaking, Leadership Training for Managers, Developing the Leader in You, Developing the Confidence to Lead, Creating an Executive Image that Wins Friends and Influences People and Achieving Success through Human Relations.

Sales Strategies for Business Growth
(May 9 & June26)

Enables its clients to build business rapidly and effectively - through referrals. Their upcoming seminars are:

· No More Cold CallingTM Workshop San Francisco
(Thursday, May 9)

· No More Cold CallingTM Red Carpet Workshop San Francisco
(Wednesday, June 26)

More info...

Learn iT's Free Class on Friday
(May 17 & May 31)
San Mateo Office

Classes fill fast, so call today. Contact Marc Eusebio at 650-345-5004 or email him at meusebio@learnit.com.

· May 17th is Flash from 8 AM to 12 Noon, and Dreamweaver from 1 PM to 5 PM.

· On May 31st we'll have Excel 2000 from 8 AM to 12 Noon and PowerPoint 2000 from 1 PM to 5 PM.

More info...

Learn iT's Tech Night
San Francisco event at 45 Montgomery location

It is a informal workshop and informational event designed to educate on what type of technical classes are available through Learn iT! It will be hosted on May 16th and the time frame is from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. Please RSVP Britt Miller at bmiller@learnit.com.

More info...

Women in Business Roundtable
(Tuesday, May 21, 7:00 - 9:00am)
Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery

Insights on business and breakthroughs from a Woman CEO and Olympic Gold Medallist. How to make the seemingly impossible a reality. With Anne Cribbs CEO, Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee.

Cost is $25 for Chamber members; $40 for prospective members if paid by May 13. $5 additional after May 13 and at the door.

More info...

Business After Hours
(Thursday, May 23, 5:30 - 7:30pm)
Aquarium of the Bay/Pier 39, Embarcadero at Beach Street in San Francisco

Drink with the fishes! Join us for this special mixer hosted by Aquarium of the Bay, Pier 39, Embarcadero at Beach Street. Explore this newly renovated aquarium and its clear tunnels beneath the bay while you make new contacts and connect with the marine life! Enjoy hors d'oeuvres and tip your glasses to the fish!

$10 for individual Chamber members and $20 for individual prospective members, if pre-paid by May 20; $5 additional after May 20 and at the door.

More info...

American Society of Training and Development
(May 8, 5:00pm - 9:00pm)
Golden Gate Chapter

Monthly Meeting
The San Francisco Fort Mason Officers' Club Franklin and Bay Streets, San Francisco

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