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April 21, 2003
Christina Harbridge named as Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council in Washington DC
and the recipient of the
National Leadership Award 2003

San Francisco, CA - The Business Advisory Council has been formed in order to advocate pro-business policy in Washington. The Council is a small, prestigious group of businessmen and women selected after an exhaustive search of key business leaders throughout the country. The search for potential appointees includes the following:

  • Successful entrepreneurial skills
  • Ability to display leadership skills in managing a business
  • Pro-active communication skills to communicate ideas to party leaders
  • Cooperative attitude/ability to generate positive working relationships

Christina was both shocked and excited about the opportunity to present a non-partisan view to a political party with which she is not a member. “This type of bi-partisan think-tanks will give both liberal and conservative ideas a place at the table. As a business owner with thousands of clients, I can represent a broad spectrum of ideas from every page of the menu. I am excited.”

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