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July 17, 2004
Christina Harbridge-Law Speaks at ACA International Convention

Dallas, TX - Christina Harbridge-Law, President of Bridgeport Financial, Inc., a privately-held non-traditional collection agency, spoke at the 65th Annual ACA International Convention in Dallas, Texas. Christina engaged the audience with her "Where Culture and Market Meet" workshop. The convention, which had a record of 1281 attendees, was put on by ACA International to provide credit and collection professionals with four days of comprehensive education, networking and shopping at ACA's Expo Hall.

Bridgeport Financial, Inc. continues to be a pioneer in the field of collections and has been challenging the conventional approach to collecting for many years with their proprietary Plus© System. The Plus© System is a revolutionary collection model that utilizes motivational and human relation techniques to inspire debtors to fulfill their financial responsibilities.

About Bridgeport Financial, Inc.

Bridgeport Financial, Inc. is a non-traditional collection agency that combines traditional collection agency services, innovative educational training and practical public relations principles. Bridgeport Financial, Inc. is a team of individuals who combine their natural talents with an innovative process to generate revenue for its clients and good will for the community. As a result, clients of Bridgeport Financial, Inc. recognize increased revenue recovery, decreased Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs), increased client-retention, added good will and improved efficiency. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Bridgeport Financial, Inc. can be found on the web at

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