The human relationship is the true currency
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Increased Revenue Recovery - Clients of Bridgeport Financial, Inc. experience an increase in revenue stream almost immediately, as our return rate is three times the industry average.

Increased Customer Retention - By using the Plus© System, a revolutionary collection model that utilizes motivational and human relation techniques to inspire debtors to fulfill their financial responsibilities, Bridgeport Financial, Inc. strengthens the relationship between its clients and their customers which ultimately leads to an increase in customer retention.

Complete Collection Outsourcing - With years of experience in the collection industry, revenue recovery is the core business of Bridgeport Financial, Inc. We are experts in our field and have the processes and resources in place to collect debt fast and efficient. By outsourcing outstanding accounts receivables, our clients are able to see results, while being able to focus on their core competencies.

Risk-Free Proposition - Getting started with Bridgeport Financial, Inc. takes very little effort and does not cost anything. In fact, we are a commission-based company, so our clients only pay if we produce results.

Education Resource - Bridgeport Financial, Inc. is available as a knowledge base to its clients by holding client-specific training forums as well as simply providing answers to questions regarding collection law.